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HIMSS Medical Banking Project Award Winning Solution


Medical Banking Rx (MBRx) is a recipient of the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Medical Banking Project "Disruptive Innovator" Award (best potential to transform healthcare using disruptive innovation) for creating a truly unique process, Patient Driven Rx(SM), that provides a real-time solution to the prescription related deficiencies inherent in 100% copay plans such as pharmacy cash discount cards and High Deductible Health Plan (including Consumer Driven Health).


To learn more about the deficiencies of 100% copay plansplease select "Slideshow" in the menu above. 

Pharmacy Benefit Management Firms


As a client of MBRx, MBRx provides PBMs the means to change the terms on which business is won, and retained, by altering the acceptable expectation.  We look forward working with you to transform your business through our disruptive innovation...

An unconventional approach to achieve exceptional results!
Custodial Banks


As a MBRx channel partner, MBRx provides Custodial Banks an effective strategy, through product/service differentiation, to drive an increase in deposits and play a more prominent role in eliminating the deficiencies experienced under all current CDHP pharmacy programs...

 MBRx provides a truly unique and comprehensive medical banking solution and optional business development strategy specifically designed for the   PBM industry.


        Patient Driven Rx(SM) serves as a         real-time quality control solution that prevents prescription claim adjudication circumvention under 100% copay plans, placing the PBM and patient, rather than the pharmacist, in control.


CDH Administrators


As a MBRx channel partner, MBRx provides CDH Administrators an effective strategy, through product/service differentiation, to add value to their CDHP and Custodial Bank clients by helping them compete more effectively...

“The MBRx medical banking solution is the closest thing I've seen to the Holy Grail.”

B. Greg Buscetto, Former Segment President, Strategic Solutions, CatamaranRx

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